X-Bionic Energy Accumulator EVO Long Sleeve Zip Shirt


It name tells you everything, X-Bionic Energy Accumulator EVO Long Sleeve Zip Shirt . Or maybe not. The long sleeve zip made by the Swiss Sportswear company X-Bionic looks simply amazing.

I’m personally in love with in-style clothing. The price is also amazing….paying 159€/210$ is too much for me. Because this is just the base layer.

But let’s talk about the product itself. The key technologies of this base shirt as well as, most of X-Bionic brand clothing is the Enlarged 3D-BionicSphere-System in the chest area. The Air Conditioning Channels, which improve by 30% the fresh air.

And further edge design like the AirComPlex Zone, ExpansionRibs, 3D-BionicSphere System at the tailbone, and much much more, that makes you feel like riding your bike in Star Trek.

Read more about all these technologies, with more than 10 years of reasearch and development at the X-Bionic official site here

Energy Accumulator EVO

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