TREK Gary Fisher Superfly Elite Mountain Bike


The TREK Superfly Elite is a 29er carbon hardtail pro mountain bike that raises the bar for all 29ers. It features a Monocoque carbon G2 frame and Bontrager’s Race X Lite Wheels and 29-2 tires. The drivetrain is all by SRAM and it has 10 speed shifters. The front suspension is a Fox F29 RLC.

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Being a 29er means bigger wheels. According to Gary Fisher, bigger wheels handle obstacles better, have better traction and gain more momentum. It also lowers the centre of gravity increasing stability. 29ers mean more fun, more speed, more stability, more control and an increased performance. All things that mountain bikers look for in a bike.

The Superfly uses a G2 geometry which is itself and improvement of Fisher’s Genesis geometry. G2 improves the quality of the bike by increasing the fork offset, this reduces the amount of trail and makes the bike steer faster. The G2 geometry also reduced the height of the handlebar which allows the rider to weight upon the front wheel.

All of this makes the TREK Superfly Elite a great mountain bike. It gives its rider great moments of fun while improving his performance and confidence.

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