Top 5 DIY Bike Cleaning Tips

5 DIY Bike Cleaning Tips

We recently updated our article on cleaning and greasing bike components. Since then, we have received some emails  saying how good it was. However, they were also saying that it needed further extra info about how to clean specific bike parts.

So here we go, we’ve done a little bit more of research on the FAQ about those famous components cleaning, and here it is list of the top 5. Because learning how to clean your bike on your own is crucial, enjoy …

How To Clean Your Chain And DrivetrainHow To Clean Your Chain And Drivetrain


derailleurs cleaning

Derailleur Cleaning

stage-1-cleaning-wheel-rims_thumbHow to clean your rims and brake pads

CABLE5Cable Cleaning

Tips for looking after Carbon Fibre Bike Frames – photo: Neeta Lind