The Overtraining Syndrome


the-overtraining-syndromeThey say excess of anything is wrong. This stands true for running as well…

When routine races start to feel like marathons and you can’t move on from that constant feeling of tiredness, not to mention the sudden injuries that keep coming up; all these may be your body’s warning signs that you’re overtraining.

The rest in between races is essential to our respiratory and cardio systems and ignoring it may lead to the deterioration of our body as a whole.

I agree at 100% with Mike Hamberger; founder of DC Running Coach and a sport psychology instructor at Marymount University in Arlington, Va when he says:

“When training becomes stagnant, you may be doing too much”

To read more about overtraining and how to avoid it, get more details at the link below:

How Much Running Is Too Much?

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