What Happens When You Take Fish Oil as Supplement for Cyclists



The thing about supplements is that you will have to use one for one single purpose. You may use a specific supplement only to lose fat, gain muscle, etc. Many of our readers ask us about something that would help them achieve all their goals. image credit Flickr / Jody Tiongco

The answer is fish oil. As explained at insiderfitnessmag.com, fish oil offers numerous cardiovascular health benefits, but at the same time, it has several interesting benefits for those who are interested in muscle growth. Read “Fish Oil for Muscle Growth” for further details on anti-catabolic effects of fish oil.

There are 10 proven medical benefits of fish oil



Although fish oils is mainly used for body building and promoting muscle growth, it has more benefits to health. Here is another fantastic article, this time written by Monica Mollica, nutritionist and medical writer at for many medical websites.

Monica Mollica - Fish Oil for Muscle Growth

Fish Oil for Muscle Growth – Monica Mollica/BrinkZone.com

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