Will a Short Ride Damage my Training?


Short Ride Damage my Training

Josh has had a hip resurface job done on him, he is trying to get back to his former fitness and is worried that his short ride of 1.5 miles to work and is worried that this will slow down his recovery. We are not doctors, but we can still give an opinion.

Question:  Hello Samuel,

I had my left hip resurfaced in February. I haven’t reached the strength or fitness level I had prior to surgery, yet, but working on it, and fun all the while. I know I need base miles and distance rides and get them when possible.

I already past on an annual mountain ride in Tennessee and 2 Century rides because I don’t feel strong enough yet. I work 1.5 miles away from home. When I ride to work, this short effort, is it hurting or slowing my real goal, riding stronger and longer? Thanks so much for your time, I truly enjoy your work!

Hello Josh,

Thanks for the nice words and we are glad you enjoy our work. We hope to help all riders who ask questions or read our articles and keep it enjoyable at the same time.

Now to your problem; it’s good to hear that you have had your operation and it’s a success. You should ask your doctor about any problems and worries that you are having about your operation. For your short ride I would look at it as a bit of morning pre-work stretch to get your body moving and then after work this can be you’re unwinding from the stresses of the day.

What I’m saying is to take it easy, don’t force it and relax during this short ride. It’s good to keep the muscles and joints moving, encouraging that extra blood supply helps to repair damaged tissue and speed recovery.

Keep up the work you are doing and the fitness will return, its not going to come back over night, you need to extend your rides, longer and longer, but if you are having any discomfort you must consult your specialist.

Add (if you have the time) half an hour to your ride every week and if you can do 4 to 5 hours on a regular basis then fitness cant be far away.

Good luck and we are sure if you keep at it, you will soon be back to your former self. Thanks Josh.

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