Shoes for Clipless Pedals


Question About Shoes for Clipless PedalsDoes any road cycling shoe fit any clipless pedal? No specifics?

This is an easy question to answer all to do with clipless pedals. If you need to know is if all road cycling shoes will fit all clipless pedals? We describe what you need to look for in a shoe to fit his clipless pedal shoe plates.

The answer is; yes, well, just about all “proper” cycling shoes will take the shoe plate for clipless pedals. If the shoe has the three bolt holes for LOOK style shoe plates then that’s most pedals covered. Then if there are the two adjustable central bolt holes then that’s just about all the others taken care of.

Mountain bike shoes usually only have the central bolt holes, so you can’t fit the LOOK style three bolt shoe plates. If you find shoes with all the bolt holes you can’t go wrong.

Photo Source: k.steudel

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  1. Harrison

    I had XTR/900 series pedlas on two of my bikes and decided to put them on the third so as to have the same cleats for three bikes/two pairs of shoes. However, nobody was offering deep enough discounts on XTR,so I decided to go with XT. I made a similar move from Dura-Ace to Ultegra a while back with good results. Well, the verdict is in: XT pedlas are just as good as XTR. Function is the same. No difference clipping in or releasing. Tension adjustment is the same. Visually, you can’t tell them apart. And as for weight, I had an XT pedal in one hand and an XTR in the other, and if there’s a difference, it’s so minor as to be almost undetectable. So, there it is: buy XT, get a pedal that’s as good as XTR, and save yourself a hundred bucks in the bargain. By the way, for the road bikers out there, dual-entry pedlas are a real advantage in urban riding: when the light changes or it’s your turn to go at an intersection, there’s no fooling around, looking down and trying to clip in. Just step down and hit it!

  2. elizabeth

    Looking for a Answer shoe that I cannot find anywhere. Is there a website or a place that might carry a few models? I don’t know the model, but it is a black casual looking ankle high shoe that has a removable pad for cycling. Any information would be greatly appreciated. My friend has had these shoes for 10yrs and I think its time to retire those shoes!!! 🙂

  3. Jez

    Hi, I don’t entirely agree with the above answer. If the shoe has just the three bolt holes then make sure whether they are for LOOK (KEO) or SHIMANO because whilst both types of cleats are three hole fixing and look very similar, the pitching of the holes is different and LOOK aren’t compatible with SHIMANO and vice versa. Most, if not all, SHIMANO shoes are only suitable for SHIMANO cleats and therefore SHIMANO pedals. Similarly many shoes are only suitable for LOOK. However there are many shoes on the market which have a universal set up built into the sole with a sliding plate which will allow the use of SHIMANO and LOOK / KEO. They may also take some of the other cleats required for pedals such as SPPEDPLAY et al but I cannot confirm that.To play safe, if buying new pedals, or new shoes, check with the retailer that shoes and pedals are compatible.

  4. Rich McCarthy

    There’s an addendum here and it regards the cleat compatability with the pedal. Specificlly the older SPD cleat/pedal setups.SPD means Shimano Product Design but was the designation for not only shimano pedals and cleats but house brand clones.And there in lies the rub.Mountain style SPD lceats may clip into a road pedal but you’ll never get em out (and that poses a real problem!) House brand SPD cleats arn’t always compatable with other SPD pedals and to make matters worse (because I have them) Shimano apparently redesigned the old style (not to be confused with the new SPDRs or more modern setups)at least once and one style is sloppy in the pedals regardless of how much tension is on.So: The Buyer Beware adage applys to the origional 2 bolt SPD cleat/pedal compatability.

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