Shoes for Clipless Pedals

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Does any road cycling shoe fit any clipless pedal? No specifics?

Question About Shoes for Clipless Pedals

This is an easy question to answer all to do with clipless pedals. If you need to know is if all road cycling shoes will fit all clipless pedals? We describe what you need to look for in a shoe to fit his clipless pedal shoe plates.

The answer is; yes, well, just about all “proper” cycling shoes will take the shoe plate for clipless pedals. If the shoe has the three bolt holes for LOOK style shoe plates then that’s most pedals covered. Then if there are the two adjustable central bolt holes then that’s just about all the others taken care of.

Mountain bike shoes usually only have the central bolt holes, so you can’t fit the LOOK style three bolt shoe plates. If you find shoes with all the bolt holes you can’t go wrong.

Photo Source: k.steudel

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