How Much is Second Hand Bike that Has Been Stored and is in Good Condition?


Dave has a friend with a classic old Murray 12 speed bike and he wants to sell it. He wants us to tell him how much it is worth, this is very difficult so say specially as we don’t know how much it cost new. Here are our thoughts on second hand bikes.

A good old frame

Question: My best friend has a 84 summer Olympics Murray 12 speed bike that he got at 7 11. It is in mint condition, he is looking to sell it. How much is it worth?

Question: How much is a Murray Ultra Terrain High Performance 15 Speed Bike worth that has been stored and is in good condition?

Hi Dave,

An old bike is only worth what anyone is willing to pay for it. If the bike had been ridden by a top cyclist and he had won famous races on it then it would be a collector’s item and would fall into a different section.

Second hand bike are easy to find as there are many around, lots of people think it a good idea to buy a bike and get fit or, in times of high prices, to ride to work and save petrol and wear and tear on the car. This they do for a short time and then give up, the bike lies in the garage until it is stolen or sold.

Murray 12 speed bike-second-hand-bike-price

Try to sell it in the local newspaper or on e-bay, or a card in the local bike shop. Good luck, there are many bikes for sale out there.

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  1. Todd

    Be careful when purchasing a used bike, ride it to see how it feels, especially if it has been in any nasty crashes and then fixed up. Sometimes older frames will just start to fatigue with age causing excessive flex, even if they still look good.

    If you find a nice frame for a reasonable price it may be a good deal. If it’s a real steal be careful, there maybe something wrong with it that they’re not telling you, or it may even be stolen.

  2. steve jackson

    tell your friend to try there click on your city, then click the bikes section. there will probably be many listings for used bikes. just go thru the list and try to find one that is the same kind of bike as yours. you can get an idea of what the used bikes are selling for. good luck. steve

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