Scott Road Team Carbon Shoes


Scott is known for creating high-quality road bikes. From the high-competition Foil models to the more budget oriented all round Speedster models, Scott has always been able to deliver great quality and with the years it has earned its spot among the best in a highly competitive market.

But Scott is also known for creating good cycling gear. From jackets to helmets, and also shoes.

One of our testing riders has recently had the opportunity to try and wear the Scott Road Team Carbon shoes for a couple of days. He had a good time with them. But before I write about the experience itself I will tell you about the spec and features of Scott’s shoes.

Carbon Sole

The shoes features a very stiff light weight carbon sole (my shoe was a 42 and it weighted 285 g). It also features Scott’s Powerzone Outsole, an innovative concept which increases comfort and enhances efficiency through the outsole while, at the same time, it minimizes strain on the ankles and knees reducing the risk of injuries.

The outsoles are also very thin. This has two benefits: on one hand it reduces weight since thinner soles requires less material, on the other it allows the foot to be closer to the pedal which increases power transfer.

A great feature of these shoes are the ergologic insoles. These increase comfort and supply improved fit to the foot. They also have a vibration absorption system on the forefoot and heel areas and a modular system which creates a supporting structure on the more fragile areas of the foot protecting it from injuries and, at the same time, increasing performance.

The shoes use a strap system to close and wrap them around the feet. They’re very adjustable and solid.

And finally, they feature the Ram Air System to keep the feet cool.

Now to his experience with them. “I enjoyed them very much”. They’re light and the ram air system along with the nylon air mesh on the upper sole do a great job keeping the feet cool.

Power transfer is also optimal since the sole is very thin and stiff. Still, the best of the shoes are the ergologic soles. I found them amazing. These soles really provide extra comfort and support to the foot and the shoes never created any type of soreness or discomfort in my feet, even after wearing them for a long time.

On the downside, is the strapping system. The straps are fine but I prefer the Boa system which allows me to make any little adjustment I might need in only a second and without any trouble. The strapping system of the Scott Road Team Carbon is good for a strapping system but, in my opinion, it cannot be compared to the Boa system.

Which takes me to my conclusion…

These cycling shoes are very good but I honestly think that there are other superior Scott models available. I’m referring to the Road Premium and the Road Team Boa, but not compared with other brands, like Sidi Genius 5, which are a very good competitor of this Scott’s.

The Road Team Boa might not be as stiff as the Road Team Carbon but the benefits from the Boa system clearly makes up for this. As for the Road Premium they are just the best Scott shoes available

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