Santini H2O tights


Today I’m going to write about another piece of winter clothing that I’ve been using with my Santini Kines Windbreaker jacket.

The two seem to complement quite well, one on the upper part of the body and the other on the lower. Both keeping me safe from rain and cold while not making me too sweaty at the same time.

I still didn’t find the perfect winter clothing set and perhaps there isn’t one since it all depends on several factors, like rain, temperature, wind, etc.

But surely Santini’s H2O tights are among my first choices for tights to use during winter time, on par with the Endura Equipe Thermo tights and above the Louis Garneau Gemini tights, at least in my opinion.

What I find so good about the Santini H2O tights is that they are made with a special water resistant fabric called Acquazero, which was developed and announced by Santini in 2010. This fabric is 80% Poliammide and 20% Elastan and  is very elastic adapting itself perfectly to the body.

The fabric is also waterproof. I’ve used it a couple of times under heavy rain and hardly felt any water coming in, keeping me dry at all times. Sure, rain came in a bit but never to a point of causing discomfort.

I also find it very comfortable and light, and don’t feel itchy while wearing them, a problem that I felt with other tights I’ve used.

The Gel pad does a good job at providing cushioning in the most sensible areas, keeping it comfortable even during long rides. Because the fabric is not too warm the sweat never becomes a real issue.

The tights have elastic bands at the ankles which do a good job at keeping the tights in place and preventing cold and rain from coming in, keeping them warm and dry.

Santini also says that the fabric is UV and Chlorine resistant which means that it has a high durability after use and washing.

It comes in black and white though I prefer black to match my Kines Windbreaker jacket. These are probably going to be among my top choices to ride my bike during this winter.

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