Can I Fit a Rack To a Carbon Seat Post?

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If you ever wanted to fit a seat post rack to a carbon seat post and wondering if it will damage it… well, we don’t like the idea and we give you an alternative solution. We wouldn’t like to see any harm coming top carbon components, would we?

Can I Fit a Rack To a Carbon Seat PostImage Via: Mahmut

Question: Will attaching a seatpost rack to my carbon seatpost damage the seatpost?

Answer: If it were me I wouldn’t do it. Clamping a rack to a carbon seat post is not a good idea, because if it damages the carbon weave it will just fall apart, which would an expensive mistake to make.

What I would do, if you only have one bike, is to have two seat posts and two saddles, one with an alloy seat post for your rack and another with your expensive carbon seat post for the days you don’t want to carry anything. Have the same saddle on each and then there wont be any problems with the switch over.

Remember to mark the seat post to your height then it will be an easy case to swap them.

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