Polar Monitors Keeps Your Finger On The Pulse


Polar heart rate monitors are probably the best known, there are others, but it seems that Polar is the monitor that others are judged by.

Polar make heart rate monitors for every sport, including cycling, running, triathlon, outdoor sports, general fitness and weight management and also for cardiac recovery.

There are cycling specific models, which also tell your speed, altitude, and temperature and with an extra sensor also pedal revs.

polar heart reate monitorsIn the polar range of heart rate monitors there are nearly 30 different models, most you wear on your wrist or with a special fitting can be strapped to the handlebars and they are also bar specific models.

If you want to read a review on a full featured monitor, have a look at what we have to say about the Polar S720i.

polar s725nokia 5140 phone

Polar Cycling Heart Rate Monitors

polar s720 handlebar mountedFor cycling there is the S range of wrist monitors, these can cope with any kind of training you would want to undertake.

The Polar S725 and Polar S720i
have the option to download your performance data to your Nokia 5140 mobile phone for instant feed back and can be sent to your home PC, to your coach or just to show off to your friends that your out on your bike when they are stuck in the office.

All in this rage can download data to your PC for examination later. Other features include target zones, stress level tests to detect overtraining, recovery tests plus all the usual speed, distance, heart rate, pedal revs, altitude, power output and ascents and descents for route profiling.

The CS range of Polar heart rate monitors are for the bike only and fit to the polar s720 computerhandlebars, very reasonably priced, but with all the functions you need.

The other models can be used for cross training, for when you are running or swimming and on your bike, in conjunction with a standard cycle computer to tell speed, time, distance etc.

This set up will tell you all you need for general fitness or super fitness for racing or giving your club mates a hard time on your favourite run.

Your heart rate is transmitted to the monitor via the chest strap, these are WearLink coded so as your transmitter polar s150 handlebarwont affect your training companions data, also they are made from a soft fabric material so as the chest strap will comfortably conform to the contours of your body.

polar s150 handlebar fitted

Polar Designs

The designs of the wrist fitting heart rate monitors are very stylish and futuristic, you can chose from different colours and materials, including the robust and waterproof plastic, carbon, stainless steel, alloy and the ultimate combination of comfort, design and lightness, titanium.

Polar make many heart rate monitors, your biggest problem will be to decide which is the best for you, there web-site and there official dealers will help with your decision.

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  1. Samuel

    Hey Lee, I’m using a Polar 725x for some years and it is exactly what you need for triathlons because I’m on them. Some of my teammates use Garmin as well because they like GPS tracking, and Polar does not offer an all in GPS + wrist watch yet

  2. lee brownell

    best triathlon watch please

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