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Bike parts are now high technology, using the best materials possible for the job. Strength and lightness are most important for cycle parts, you can make cheap bike parts with heavier materials, like steel and some companies have tried plastic, which is light but is not durable and does flex.

They are all complex, however all bike parts can work smoother with a bit of adjustment.

Gears, Chain sets, Brakes And Wheels

Gears, chain sets and Wheels were first made from steel, strong, but heavy, then alloy was made strong and durable enough to be used, as technology changed so did the equipment, now there are two main bicycle wheels manufacturers, Shimano from Japan and Campagnolo from Italy.

Campagnolo was the main bike part company with design and practicality, then Shimano started to make cycle parts to emulate the Italians and with the advent of mountain bikes they took over as the largest manufacturer, but Campagnolo is very popular with the road rider, but for mountain bikers it has to be Shimano.

Other Manufacturers

There are other smaller manufacturers, who specialize in making only chain sets, pedals, gears, brakes and other ‘trick bits’ in more expensive materials, like titanium and carbon.

These will be the envy of you friends but you will have to pay for it.

Bars, Stems And Seat Pins

There are many manufacturers of handlebars and stems for road bike and mountain bikes, as with all equipment they used to be made of steel, now it’s alloy, carbon or titanium.

– Titanium is light and strong but very expensive and you can’t bend it to the shape you would want for road bikes, but for mountain bike straight bars you don’t have this problem. Read more about Litespeed titanium bicycles.

– Carbon and alloy are more suited to bars and stems, Carbon fibre is light, strong and expensive and flexes under stress, this is nice for comfort but you do lose power through the movement.

– Alloy is probably most people’s choice it is very light and strong and can be bent into nearly any shape. All three materials are used for seat pins, the clamp at the top, where the saddle goes, can add a lot of weight, so be careful what you buy.

Saddles And Pedals

There are many saddles to choose from, but it comes down to what you are comfortable with, you might have to kiss a lot of frogs until you find your prince.

Its trial and error, but price can play its part, you could spend a lot of money and be very uncomfortable, so talk to your mates and look at what the Pros use.

Pedals used to have metal clips and leather straps to hold your feet tight to them, now we have clip less pedals, all have some movement so you don’t damage your knees and have a mechanism to release your foot, but you do need a good pair of shoes to go with them.

Shimano and Campagnolo also make these, look, Time and Speedplay are the other main ones, there are some others, but it’s best to stick to the best ones, it also means if you need to borrow a bike your shoes will fit, you have some weird shoe plates, your out of luck!

I will try to make your riding easier and hopefully you’ll learn how a bike works, saving also some money on your pocket without taking your bike into the mechanic:

  • Start reading about the basical Bicycle Repairing Tools
  • . Learn what tools you need to begin before start working.

  • Cleaning and Greasing Bike Parts. Keeping your bike in a good condition is fundamental to prevent parts to brake, but how to do it?
  • Step by step on Adjusting a front gear. If you’d like to remove the annoying noise of the chainset, just read this article
  • Adjusting a Rear Gear. This is perhaps the part that more needs adjustment eventually. Would you like to shift gears like a pro? Watch the video for details!
  • Bicycle Brakes AdjustmentTake a minute to look after your brakes, and they will look after you.

The Parts of a Bike “What are the parts of a bike?” This is whet AG Knight needs to know. He is thinking of building a bike from the frame up and he needs to know what parts he will need to buy. He could just look at a photograph of a bike, but we have made him a list and added a few extras he might think of buying

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  1. Vu

    You only mention like 2-3 companies that make bike parts. I wanna know where I can find just a list of parts that messengers use. Like all city, surly, sugino, etc. Mostly single-Gear parts. I know Quality Bicycle Parts is the largest distributor of Bike parts and owns several companies. Which in your (or anybody’s) opinion is the best bike parts out there that last awhile and are tried and true.

  2. Al L.

    Recently my Shimano 6700 BB has reach 3,700 miles, so I swapped it out and put Enduro ceramic bearings. At the mean time installed an KMC X10SL chain and Ultegra 6700 11-28T cassette.

    Here’s the problem, everytime when I am out of saddle like climbing or hammering it out of saddle you can hear a clicking noise and it clicks faster when I pedal harder. Took everything apart and re-grease it making sure all nuts and bolts are properly tighten but, to no avail. My next thing to look at is the speedplay zero pedals grease them and clean it out but, that click is still there. Where else can I check? Can you help me out here? Almost at wits end!

    • Samuel

      Al L. try the front wheel!!!! I had the same problem and found that this annoying noise came from the wheel. Try cleaning and greasing the skewers and let me know 😉

  3. Ed Muccioli

    I lost a bike several weeks ago(fell of my bike rack) and my insurance did not cover it. so now i am pricing my bikes to add a rider to my Insurance. i am trying to find the price of a “Campagnolo Record Titanium/Carbon 10 speed Group” the price that it was selling for in late 2007 or early 2008 Can you help?

    • Samuel

      Insurance won’t work like this. You’ve got to find the price in the market today. Campagnolo Record Titanium will be quite expensive, but you don’t say if it is for the whole groupset or just derailleur.
      A friend of mine had an accident a couple of months ago, and went to his bike shop. I’m sure they will help you on this because shops want to sell. I’d recommend to find your nearest bike shop and tell them your problem.
      ps. my friend got a complete bike for free…even better than previous one. you should try.

  4. Paul james

    Hi,I’ve goy a giant revel3 and I do a 16mile round trip 2 work ,a bit on the road but the rest on a glassy concrete path,i keep getting flat tyers,can u suggest a gud tyre please.thanks

  5. P Fisher

    To Robert:

    My first guess is that that the freewheel mechanism is at fault.

    You could try yanking the axle and spraying into the freewheel mechanism with a penetrating lube if all you need is a very short term fix…this would melt the old sticky grease while likely setting the ratcheting unit up for serious wear and tear later.

    Just get a whole new rear wheel unless the drive train is all worn out. In that case it is way easier to just get another bike.

  6. marvin koh

    I was thinking about getting the AM wheelset. its alot lighter this year at 1695g instead of 2200 grams from last year. but it seems the rim width went down from 32mm to 29mm. Are they just as stiff?

  7. Robert Butler

    I have a ten speed. When I push down on the pedal there is a slight lag in engagement then a clunk sound in the rear axle. Any suggestions?Thanks

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