Parlee Z5 Super Light Frame Review

Parlee Z5 Super Light Frame Review

Today, it’s hard to find a cycling enthusiast who doesn’t like tech gadgets – at least the ones that make them improve their ride experience. But when it comes to finding a bike that helps you take the maximum advantage of different tech gadgets, you may have to find yourself in some confusion.

Well, that’s exactly what we’re here for – to get you out of confusion. As a first step, go get yourself the recently released Parlee Z5 SLi frame. The frame is exactly what you need to have a perfect ride, and it allows you take advantage of different tech gadgets. The SL in SLi represents “Super Light”, and that’s the most highlighting feature in this frame – at 820g, it really is the lightest.

What makes it even better is the fact that it’s pre-drilled, which means you can use electrical wires to utilize different tech gadgets. Click the link to keep reading more about the bike…

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