How to Make Your Own Sports Food & Drink


How to Make Your Own Sports Food & Drink

Do you know a racer may burn up to 4,000 calories on an average day in a racing event, like the Tour de France? Interestingly, the number can go up to 5,000 or more on a big day, which is the reason why coaches and experts believe you should eat all the right stuff before the race day. We’ve picked a post from where you can read about homemade cycling nutrition and stuff like the benefits of drinking and eating like the cycling pros. Learn how you can make your own sports drink and food and stay charged up throughout the race.

Overt at “Eating & Drinking Like the Cycling Pros” you’ll find out this homemade sports drink costs just $0.11 per 100 calories compared to $0.75 for pre-mixed commercial drink:

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