How To Build A Lowrider Bike With Hydraulics

If you want hydraulics for your lowrider bike you will probably get suspension front forks, long ones will be a very popular choice, these will bring you bike lower for even more coolness and gives you a more easy-rider look.

Get the longest forks that are available and they should have a lot of travel on the legs, this will give a more comfortable ride, more of a glide than a ride, really!

As much chrome as you can get is of course the most important thing with any item for your lowrider.

To be different from all the other guys you could get a hydraulic seat-pin, this goes between the saddle and the frame and give you suspension for your seat and a bit of damping to any bumps in the road for a smooth ride.

A full suspension lowrider may have been made, sounds a great idea, but I’ve not seen one yet, keep a look out because I’m sure some one will make one, one day, for sure it will be very shinny and very low.


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    I prefer 20 inch Schwinn frames, and the rest of the parts are made for 20inch bikes, but you can get 12-26 inch parts, with that said I have been working on and building lowrider bikes for a little over two years now, hit me up for any questions and I’ll try to help you as much as possible.

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