LifeEdited ThinBike Single Speed Bike Art


Life Edited ThinBike Single Speed Bike ArtAre you living in a cramped apartment and have little to no space to place most of the stuff? If this is the case, you may really want to consider buying what Graham Hill calls a ThinBike.

Yes, that’s right – it’s a thin bike that will not take a lot of real estate in your apartment.

Graham Hill is the founder of LifeEdited and offers tips to help you manage life within a cramped apartment or quarter. The latest offering from him is a bike that comes with fold-up MKS pedals and a movable handle that you can position according to the space available to you. Just by positioning the handle, you will be able to reduce the width of this bike from 21 inches to mere 6 inches.

To read about other amazing features, check the following link.

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