Lance Artstrong vs Lance Armstrong


Lance Artstrong

I wandered into a local charity shop to check out the books and there on the shelves were lots of Lance Armstrong books … sandwiched between such literary giant as Alan Titchmarsh and Peter Kay and it got me thinking. Well if people are looking to dispose of their once much loved Lance memoirs and musings then we could turn them into something positive, rather than them gathering dust on the shelves or them being pulped at the local re-cycling depot.

As we are doing the Late Shows (site below) in May and were looking to do an art installation relating to biking then what better subject matter would be Lance, with the art an anti-doping message.

So what will it be like? Well we’ve lots of ideas large and small, but it really does depend on how much stuff we get. Needless to say the postman has been really busy so far and the pile is mounting by the minute – we’ve even had a US Postal ServiceTeam Bike as ‘ridden’ by Lance given to us!!

You can send your books to:

The Cycle Hub
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Tyne and Wear

If you want to read more about Artstrong please visit the following link…

Lance Artstrong V Lance Armstrong

by Andrew Straw –

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