The 4 Interval Training Methods to Improve your Next Cycling Season

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interval-speed-trainingIf you have been training for some time and know you are strong, but your training doesn’t seem to make you any faster then there are a couple of things you can do.

Interval training is you best way forward and there is a few different methods of this very hard and effective training and so, here we will try to explain the why and how of to do it correctly.

Interval training conditions the body to ride faster. If you want to race faster over a certain distance then take that distance and split it up into sections and ride as fast as you can over those sections and have some rest sections.

Use your heart reate monitor to tell if you are training efficiently and ride hard and fast and you will improve. Here you’ve got the list from our Friday Training Tips, enjoy :


  1. Phil says

    I also like to add “high rpm” training about 2 days a week. Pick a flat route, and get in your easiest gear, then between every 3rd telephone/light pole on your route, and rev up to as high an rpm that you can. Do this technique at every 3rd telephone/light pole. At first you might find yourself bouncing around on your seat. But as you continue to do this, you will find yourself spinning smoother. Plus, this training will help increase your “sprint” muscles, and effective “torque”. After a month of doing this twice a week, you will find that you can rev up quickly in your existing gear. Great for passing your biking buddies quickly and leaving them eating your dust. By the way, Tour de France racers, in the off season, often get on a fixed gear bike, that is in a very easy gear, and train at high rpm’s. They can get as high as 300 rpm’s. The highest I’ve ever achieved was about 220. Try it, you’ll like it.

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