High Hamstring Tendinitis: The Bottom’s Up Injury



In other words, it’s an absolute pain in the rear. That’s right, the condition is known in the medical jargon as proximal hamstring tendinopathy or high hamstring tendinitis.

It refers to inflammation of the common origin of the three hamstring muscles. The hamstrings are responsible for propulsion while running, but with this condition, even walking may become difficult.

According to physioworks.com.au:

What are the Symptoms of Tendinopathy?

Tendinopathy usually causes pain, stiffness, and loss of strength in the affected area.

– The pain may get worse when you use the tendon.
– You may have more pain and stiffness during the night or when you get up in the morning.
– The area may be tender, red, warm, or swollen if there is inflammation.
– You may notice a crunchy sound or feeling when you use the tendon.

I have to admit that I’ve suffered this injury a couple of times in my life and it is actually a real pain in the *&$$#. So bear in mind that you should know to detect an early tendinopathy before it gets worse.

The Internet if full of information about injuries. These are 2 of the best articles I’ve read in many years. So I hope you like them as much as I do.

runnersworld.com : “Read what it is and the exercises you can do to fix this frustrating injury. A Pain in the Rear: High Hamstring Tendinitis”

physioworks.com.au : What is Tendinopathy?, Causes, symptoms, diagnoses and treatments.


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