The Best Tips For Descending and Cornering On a Bicycle


Descending and Cornering

So you think you know all the rules, tips and techniques to be a perfect rider? Well, it’s quite evident that those who love cycling believe there is nothing left for them to learn, but that’s not the case.

As Jobst Brandt says on his article “Techniques for Descending and Cornering”:

“Descending on a bicycle requires a combination of skills that are more commonly used in motorcycling. When descending, a bicycle has some of the power and speed that is more common with motorcycles, and it requires some of the same skills.”

There is always something that will turn you into a better rider, and something you should know is how to descent on your bike.

Sounds simple, isn’t it? Just check out what you don’t know at

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image credit flickr

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