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When I bought the Cyco-CORE On the GO! Training and Nutrition Program I wanted to be able to ride faster, longer and lose some weight so I could climb more easily. I’ve been trying to ride olympic triathlons, but not doing as well as I had hoped and my plans to take part in an Ironman were put back until my speed was a bit higher and I had more endurance.


I had noticed that I was struggling near the end of a ride with my training buddies and knew I needed some outside help with my training plans. The Cyclo-CORE Program is not complicated, but a simple step by step guide to cycling improvement.

As I became more involved with my new training system the first thing I noticed was the improvement in my climbing, previously I was last up the hills, it was embarrassing, I would tell my training partners not to wait, I felt as though I was holding them back, then I would finish the ride on my own, depressed and dejected.
Cyclo Core Combo

As my climbing improved I managed to stay with the weaker riders, then I managed to stay with the strong riders and eventually I was battling it out with the best of them.

This all came about due to my weight loss with the Cyclo-Core nutrition plan which combines fat-loss and healthy eating, climbing has changed from drudgery to a pleasure as I’ve dropped a few lbs in less than six weeks and due to this I have more suppleness in my lower back and more strength to push on the pedals.

As well as weight loss the Cyclo-CORE works on my bike handling skills, my training mates have remarked on not only my climbing but, also my descending and cornering, my confidence is sky high.

Yoga, stretching, cross training is all part of the Cyclo-CORE Program. My suppleness and strength has multiplied beyond recognition as has my pedaling efficiency and my average speed on training rides has gone up by 2 mph or more.

The work outs have extended my endurance, hard work is not something I’m scared of, but it has to be efficiently done and the Cyclo-CORE Program has shown me the “method” to train properly.

So what is my next move? I’ve gone from no-hoper into an aspirant Ironman;

My improvements have given me the confidence to compete in duathlons,  and a triathlons.

All is going very well and I’ve entered my first full Ironman event by 2009.

I’m not worried and I cant wait to get on the start line for my first hard swim-bike-run, last season I couldn’t even have dreamt to be able to stay with my ride mates, but now I’m a strong, confident athlete, thanks to the Cyclo-CORE Training Program.

More about the cyclo core training programs at their website:

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