Should You Take your Saddle out Completely or Just Push it Down in-side the Frame


Kenneth Biddle in Miami, FL takes his bike in the back of his SUV, but he has to lower the saddle to get it in. His question is whether he should take it out completely or just push it down in-side the frame?

I travel with my bike in the inside back portion of our SUV. The good news is it is clean and safe when we arrive. The bad news is that I have to take the seat off every time because it is too tall to fit inside.

My Question:
Should I take the seat completely off every time or push it into the seat tube? I use the carbon paste on the bottom of the post prior to placing into the seat tube.

Thanks for your insight.

Hi Kenneth,

I would take the seat pin out of the frame completely, for two reasons:

First; if I have spent all that money on a carbon seat pin I wouldn’t want to take the chance of damaging the pin. If the carbon on the seat pin gets scratched with pushing it into the seat tube it will look terrible and in time will become dull with wear.

Secondly; you can mark how far you insert the seat pin with a thin piece of tape, as it is very important to ride in your usual position. If you push the seat pin down this will take the marking tape off or up the seat pin, which will affect your position on the bike and cause you lots of problems.

So, Steve take the seat pin out completely and enjoy your ride.

Carbon Seat Pin

Carbon Seat Pin

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  1. David

    HI,Have you considered taking the wheels off ?

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