Campagnolo Veloce Group-set


Campagnolo VeloceThe Campagnolo Veloce Group-set is available in five different versions, the 10 speed with either double or triple chainset and 9 speed with 2 or 3 chain wheels at the front and also with Ergo Power Flat Bar controls. A wide rage of options for all your needs, whether it’s for racing, touring or just an easy bike ride, the Veloce group-set if for you.

Veloce 9 speed is still part of the 2005 collection, high quality at a reasonable price, makes veloce 9 speed a good choice for reliability and endurance due to the materials and the manufacturing tolerances that are typical of high-end products.

The group-set can be used with double or triple chainsets and three different lengths of rear derailleur.

Veloce 10 speed is made to the same high quality, it also comes with a choice of double or triple chainset and short, medium or long rear gear mechanism. Ergo Power levers control the dual pivot brakes and gears.

All of the group-sets come with hubs, gears, chain, levers, pedals, bottom bracket, chainset and sprockets.

Photo credit : HeinoCykler

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