Best Bike Saddle?


Dave, Jorge and Benjamin all have a similar question about which would be the best bike saddle to sit on? Tricky one, but here are our thoughts:

Question 1 from Dave:
I have just bought a road bike and want to know what the best gel saddle is when it comes to a comfy ride?

Question 2 from Jorge:
I am looking for a good comfortable bike saddle. My bike has a Velo factory- Giant OC3 with middle cavity. But it’s very uncomfortable on my butt bones.
Do you know of any other (high-end) manufacture that would compare with the E3 Form from Performance/ Nashbar Bike?


Question 3 from Benjamin:
I love to go cross country biking all the time but I’ve tried a lot if bike seats which are mostly uncomfortable in the groin area and back part. I saw this hornless seat; I’d like to know if it’s really effective as they say they are????

Hi Dave, Jorge and Benjamin.

This is the BIG question! It’s the question we all have fairly regularly, usually we find a saddle that is just right and then the manufacturer stops making it and we have to go through the whole thing again.

Choosing a new saddle is a case of trial and error, but spending (a lot of) money on a saddle that you are not sure of is a chance we don’t want to take.

Flite Gel Flow

Talk to your friends and if possible borrow different saddles from them or from your local bike shop. The bike shop may have some trial saddles from the manufacturers.



The shape depends on your shape and will be very personal; also it can depend on how you ride, your riding style. If you sit back on the saddle and push then you will look for more width at the back. Then maybe you move forward on to the nose of the saddle when riding hard so you would want more gel up front.

San Marco Saddle
San Marco Saddle

Then if you have deep thighs you need less side flaps on saddle as these will chafe the side of the legs. The gap or gel in the centre of the saddle is to protect your prostrate, which if it works is a great idea and gel on the sit bone areas are also very comfortable, particularly on a long ride.

The bottom line is that you need to find a saddle that you are comfortable with and that you will get used too because it will be different from your old saddle.

Good luck to the three of you and everyone else who will be going through the same problems.

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  1. Terry McMahon

    I found out the hard way after many plastic saddles and a lot of money. Get a ‘Brooks’ saddle. Some wearing in is required, but then the suspended leather takes on the shape of your own butt. The suspended nature means you ride on the surface, not sinking (and grinding) into it. It provides damping by a slight trampoline effect too. When I’m on a century ride I can focus on technique, cadence etc while my ride buddies slow and focus on their painful butts, lifting off the saddle more and more frequently. Don’t do that – just get a ‘Brooks’. Natural leather for a natural ride.


    When you are talking about “best” are we talking comfort, speed, weight, etc.

    If comfort…no pain…is the goal check out long wheel based recumbent bicycles. Can’t beat Easy Racer Tour Easy for comfort.

  3. Shelley Christian

    I read your saddle review article and suggest you look at ISM Adamo. I kept reading rave reviews by recent purchasers so I decided to try one out myself. I bought the ISM Adamo Century saddle. I don’t know if they work as well for men as mine did for me, but I give it two thumbs up!!!

  4. Mike

    I had the same questions at the beginning of last season. I had a top of the line Sella gel saddle (many miles) that needed to be replaced. All the points made in the article are good – I sat on several at bike shops, but ended up looking at what most of the people I ride with use & talked to them. Many of them had migrated to Fizik. I found the the Fiziks comfortable with a fairly consistent fit across various models – I ended up buying three this year – one for for my road bike, my mountain bike and my trainer. I tend to use different parts of the saddle depending if I am on a flat ride or going up hill. I like the Selle, but found the Fizik to be a better fit for my body and riding style. I also like the integrated tool bag/light clip so you can quickly take items from bike to bike.

  5. Lee Joo Mong

    I had no problem with bermuda shorts for cycling long distance (173km)

    Its only when I put on padded cycling shorts that my butt hurts (especially for distances about 60km and above)

    Bike fit at the threshold issue?

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