Fuji Altamira CX 1.3 Cyclocross Bike Review


Fuji Altamira CX 1.3 Cyclocross Bike Review

With every new technology being introduced in the world of cycling, our workload increases a bit. We’re always there to ensure we don’t miss out something that our readers would want to read and learn about.

The same thing holds true for disc brakes, which many of our readers have different views about – some think they’re great, while others take a different stand. In Altimira CX 1.3, you’re surely going to like what you get.

Even if you have been a proponent of rim brake wheels, you’re surely going to find CX 1.3 quite impressive. The geometry of the bike suits most of the riders, but you may occasionally need to do some tweaking to adjust saddle height. Once on the bike, you will notice that carbon fiber frame is quite light, parts are good, and disc brakes are simply outstanding.

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Altimira CX 1.3 REVIEW

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