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I’m Sam. 30 years old and here is my snapshot; a recreation cyclist and runner, born and grown in Gandia (Valencia) a beautiful place for living….well, I have to admit this lack of any English roots is the reason and responsible for so many spelling and writing errors on this blog. I apoligize for that. I’m sure you will understand this.

Continuing with my sporting basics roots. I was a former gymnast, and very aware of what it meant to train at a high level, but had little experience with endurance sports, and specially none with cycling. I described myself as purely fast twitch, referring to my perceived strength in short-term, anaerobic efforts, with very little genetic predisposition to aerobic activity.

I started cycling while rehabilitating an injury and found that I just loved it, mostly because it was so different from what I’d always done before…team sports like football(soccer), a bit of tennis, and athletics, including pole vaulting…

Cycling, and more specifically triathlons was something I always thought about doing; but even after I started I only rode once or twice each month, for an hour or two at most. After retiring from my main sport, it seemed an appropriate time to take on a new distraction; three years in a new career however, as I put it, the world seemed to be all uphill!

Why Triahtlons

I chose to do triathlons because it really seemed like the pinnacle of athleticism for me at the time. Not only would I get to ride a lot and improve my running, I would also get to ‘re-learn’ how to swim. I also knew that training that much was something I needed to do, because simply ‘working out’ was not enough for me. I wanted to know what it was like to train like a pro. So, I bought a new bike, as my older one frame was not the correct size. Here it is the photos of this day…

So … Why this Bike and Cycling Reviews Blog?

With this blog, I plan to show and teach how a bike works, talk about new products and answer, by giving my opinion on other’s people questions…. apart of begin as transparent as possible with everything I do with my bike; rides, plans, competitions, and the changes I do on mine and other friend’s bikes.

There is also one person, who I’m very grateful to and helped me when this website started in 2004, thanks so much Alastair Hamilton for all the work done you did for this website.

I don’t consider myself (and don’t want to be) a professional rider or mechanic, neither a guru, my reviews and articles are not secrets and what I write here is just my opinion, and personal experciences I have every day with my bike; just like any other rider out there.  Learning how to to maintain you bicycle doesn’t take too long, and it’s not a hard work, some patience, the right tools and a little bit interest.

If you think you’ll enjoy reading more about what I do, please subscribe to my newsletter and stay updated.

Thanks everyone!

My Bike

Some of you are asking which bike do I ride and why….here it is the answer:

Since 2007 I ride Scott CR1 carbon frame, with Dura-Ace group set, Mavic Ksirium Elite, all in black and white. If you want to see more pictures and further details of my bike, I posted everything related to it on the article Scott CR1 SL CD

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