Which Hybrid, Giant, Specialized or Trek?


Ryan Walsh is making the change from mountain biking to the road, but he wants to try a Hybrid first before he spends his cash on an expensive road bike. He has looked at a few bikes already, but wants our advice on which would be best

Question: I am making the transition away from a mountain bike to a fitness bike. I am not quite ready to spend the $ required for a road bike, so I am reviewing hybrid options from Giant (OCR or FCR), Specialized (Sirrus) and Trek (7200). Any advice on how to analyze the best bike for me? Thanks

Hi Ryan,
The bikes you have looked at are all good bikes and are very reasonably priced. The Giants (OCR and FCR) are both well made and with excellent equipment for the price. If you want to eventually go for a road bike then I would buy the OCR as it is a road bike, as opposed to the FCR which is a Hybrid.

The FCR has Shimano 105 rear gear and some other Shimano bits, including a compact chain set, the frame is alloy and the handle bars are flat.

Giant FCR

The OCR also has Shimano 105, but more of it, front and rear gears, shifters, chain and cassette. The chain set is from FSA and the handle bars are drop design. The frame is also Alloy, but offers more sizes.

Giant OCR

The Specialized Sirrus is OK for going to work on, but if you are serious about your cycling I would spend a little more and get something sportier. The Shimano is Soria and lesser quality equipment, the chain set is Sugino and the other bits are from Specialized all mounted to an Alloy frame.


The Trek is very similar to the Specialized, a good bike but not in the same league as the Giants. The Trek 7200 does have Shimano equipment although not as good as the Shimano on the Giants. It has suspension forks, the question is do you need them? If you are going to be doing you cycling on the road then you don’t really need them. They are more weight to carry up hill.

Trek 7200

My choice is the Giant OCR, it’s a road bike, it has the best quality Shimano and I’m sure it will perform well on a ride. From the Hybrids I think the Giant FCR is best, unless you want to ride on rough ground then go for the Trek with its suspension forks.

I hope this all helps?

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  1. Stu V

    The Trek 7200 is not in the same class as the Sirrus and FCR/OCR. The comparison should be made with the Trek FX series.

  2. SuzanneD

    I’m 5’7″ female, large build, looking for a bike for city riding for exercise and cruising. Between the Specialized Dolce and the Giant OCR3W what’s my best bet. Similar pricing–Specialized is a bit more expensive. Thanks!

  3. Michelle Wilson

    I signed up for a 45 mile bike race but will do most of my training on a stone trail. I am looking for a hybrid that is built for women. I am only about 5 feet tall so I would like a small fram. I have been looking at the Trek, Giant and Specialized bikes.I was wondering what do you think would be the best bike for me?Thanks

  4. Ian Crawford

    Hi. Unfortunately my last bike (Ridgeback Tempest) was stolen so now I am looking for a faster hybrid, which is still comfortable on the not-so-great roads where I commute. The best I have come across so far is the Specialized Sirrus Sport but I am wondering if it’s best to just get the ’08 Sirrus? Does anyone have any advice? Thanks. Ian

  5. Debra

    I am a short (5 foot) woman looking for a good starter bike to be used mostly on short distance (less than 20 miles) rides. Two local stores recommended the Specialized Vita model, especially since it is designed to fit women. How would you compare this bike with others in this price range?

  6. Alex

    I live in Chicago (flatland) looking for a hybrid with fitness purposes to grow in to. A bike with handle bars that will not break my back. I am female, 5″7 H, with a 31 inch inseam. My Torso is equal with my legs. Cannot decide between Giant FCR2 Med top tube 53cm for $700 vs Specialized Vita Lrg in White for $540 (top tube 56cm). I like the raised handlebar of the Giant but the look of the Specialized. Also, I would have to pay extra for Specialized Vita for them to raise the stem that’s similar to the FCR2. Please help need to decide now.

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