What is the Orbea Aqua For?


James Dixon has spotted the Aqua from Orbea fitted with Shimano 105 equipment and likes the price, but wants to know what kind of riding it would be used for, so we have had a good look at the Aqua, and we like what we see, also!

Question: can you please give me your opinion on the orbea aqua? i have seen a 105 equiped model available and was really impressed for the price but am not really sure what type of riding it is suited for?

Hi James,
It’s a good looking bike, the frame with the carbon wishbone seat stays, carbon forks and hidden head set is good enough to race on. The frame is Euro style at its best, well proportioned geometry with a slopping top tube, not totally compact, but with a nice slope down to the seat tube. The main tubes are double butted 7005 aluminium with an oversized down tube. The Zeus T700 carbon seat stays come out from a solid tube from the seat cluster, just below the not too high seat clamp, these will give you a solid feel to the back of the bike without flex, but with some “give” to take out a lot of road rumble. Nice straight Zeus Ziccs full carbon forks should make handling a positive experience. That’s the frame, very good quality, well designed geometry and well put together.

Orbea Aqua Campagnolo

As to the equipment I had difficulty finding an Orbea Aqua with Shimano 105 kit. Eventually I discovered a Special Edition Orbea Aqua which I guess is the one you have spotted. This one has the Shimano 105 group set and Shimano 105 wheels with Vittoria Zafiro tires, the oversize bars and stem are from ITM and the saddle was the Orbea XR Transam. It comes in three different colors, all are nice paint finishes.

Orbea Aqua 105

All of the Orbea Aqua’s are based on the same frame, which can not be faulted. If the equipment is Shimano 105 then it’s not the best, but, to be honest you would be hard pushed to notice the difference between 105 and Ultegra, its lighter, but they both work very well and will last you a good length of time, barring accidents.

Your question is “what type of riding is it suited for?” well, we think just about anything, except off road. You could ride over any mountain (fitness allowing) or go on a quick sprint up the road. This bike should handle most things you could throw at it without any problems, if you can buy it at a good price I wouldn’t worry about what it’s suited too, just ride it.

Orbea Aqua Ultegra

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  1. Moto Miwa

    I have a 54cm Orbea Aqua – black/white 2007 model.

    It is quick on response, really short wheelbase with 700cx23 that almost touches the seat tube.

    For a sport road bike, its similar to something like Trek 2.3 and Cannondale CAAD 8/9. I cross compared both of these to my Orbea, by trading bikes with friends that own them on the same ride day. It feels very similar on fast sections over asphalt roads.

    Ride comfort might be slightly better than Trek, but that can be just that I have softer saddle and double wrap bar tape.

    In any case, its worth every penny. The Orbea frames do have a fairly good resale value as well, so its not far off from buying a Cannondale, Trek, or Specialized. A bit more exotic perhaps in the USA as far as brand name, and in certain color combination, it does have a much more designer looks than the usual loud colored US brands.

    Aqua is a middle line below their true, full-carbon pro racing bikes like the Onyx, Ordu and Orca, but you can cerainly feel the lineage and feedback, as well as the designer’s intent on actual funtion. The longer top tube, very short chain-stay and low-slung BB position makes it really positive on the twisting sections, and I suppose for part time TT trainer if one needs to configure it as such.

    I like mine.

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