Vitamins Supplements For Cyclists


Vitamins Supplements For Cyclists

This article talks about talking vitamin supplements in addition to our daily training and diet. It also describes the different forms of vitamin supplements there are available.

Vitamin Supplements are very common today. If you go to a pharmacy or the pharmacy section of your grocery store, you’ll probably have a hard time deciding what brand or kind of vitamin supplements you should get.

You may want to do some research on what brands are better than others are before you make your final purchase. Your doctor can also recommend what your daily requirements are based on your age, eating habits and body size.

The back of the vitamin bottle it will tell you how much of the requirements you are getting. It’s important to realize that taking vitamins should not be a replacement for good eating.

They should be used with your food, not in place of it.

Absorption Rate of Vitamin Supplements
supradyn multivitamins
Merely eating certain foods or taking certain vitamin supplements is only as good as they are getting absorbed into your body.

Although many people believe that taking vitamins can be a good substitute for a diet of good food, there’s a difference in how vitamin supplements and food are absorbed in your body.

When you eat natural foods, 93% of it gets absorbed while vitamin supplements only have a 10% level of absorption. The same is true with minerals in food, which are absorbed at 78% as opposed to the 5% absorption level in mineral supplements.

Unless it is prescribed in another form, you may want to take your vitamin supplements along with your meals. Because only 10% of the vitamins you take actually get absorbed in your body, choose carefully what type of vitamin supplements you take.

For instance, your body may need two hundred milligrams per day of a certain vitamin so you don’t need to get vitamin supplements that are five hundred milligrams per tablet. Try to get the vitamin supplements in the required dosage for your individual needs or as close as possible.

Before buying your vitamin supplements, it’s always important to read the label on the bottle.

Don’t always assume because the bottle says “Multivitamins” that they contain all the important vitamins and minerals you require on a daily basis. The back of the bottle will tell you how much of each vitamin is in the multivitamin as well as how much you will get per serving, etc.

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Vitamin Supplement Forms

Vitamin supplements come in three different forms:

  • Tablet
  • Capsules and
  • Liquid

Although liquid form is not as handy and convenient as the tablets and capsules, it is recommended for those that have difficulty swallowing pills. Liquid vitamin supplements work well with children as well.

Tablets are usually compressed and coated so they don’t taste so bad and capsules dissolve quickly and are sometimes in gelatin capsules, which people seem to like. Often, the type of vitamin supplements you take is a matter of personal choice.

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  1. jimmy

    Come on get serious, if only 10% got absorbed then this is the biggest scam ever committed in the health field.

    Like alot of webpages out there, beware of the lies!!

    10%, you are a moron!!!!!

    • Hi Jimmy,
      Only 10% of the vitamins are absorbed, but your body may need those particular vitamins and very importantly, minerals too.
      If you are low, by even a small amount, it can make a big difference to your performance.
      Our modern lives stop us from eating properly and we from time to time need suppliments.
      It’s your choice in the end.
      Thanks for reading.

  2. David

    In this article Samuel states that the absorbtion of tablet supplements is only 10%. I would like to know if I need to take 2000mg of vitamin C to get the absorbtion of 200mg as he also stated “…your body may need two hundred milligrams per day of a certain vitamin so you don’t need to get vitamin supplements that are five hundred milligrams per tablet.”

  3. Clinton Slayton

    Like a lot of people, I get severe cramps in my upper thighs, usually in bed while trying to examine my feet (I am diabetic), but only after rides (or indoor spins) of more than an hour. I take calcium and magnesium supplements along with a fleet of medicines for diabetes and cholesterol, but none have helped. I have examined the contents for the rather expensive products marketed to cyclists, and decided that I do it a less expensively, by buying Calcium Lactate in powder form and dissolving it into my bottle, drinking some before and then during the ride. Is it really better to try to absorb all of this “up front” (as you would with SportsLegs, for example) in pill form, or is my plan realistic? I do not like taking massive doses of all at once. Calcium Lactate can be bought in pills, but it would take a lot of pills to match the dosage in the products marketed to cyclists. I plan to start with 1100mg before and another 100mg during the exercise, and ramp this up a little if it is not effective. Has anyone else tried this?

  4. ben

    Where is he getting his sources from that only 10 percent get absorbed? Is this true of all vitamins?

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