Reasons Why You Might Feel Tired and Can’t Recover Like You Used To?


Reasons Why You Might Feel Tired and Can't Recover Like You Used To

Kyle Hughes is having a problem we all have from time to time, he is feeling tired and he cant recover like he used to. There are a few different possible reasons, so we list as many as we can think of and what he can do about it. Image credit flickr/mikekingphoto

Question: Hello guys, it’s my first time writing to you & I would like to thank you for the chance you give to the cyclists. Well, my question-problem is that in the last couple of months I really feel tired, my body doesn’t respond as usual. I keep having the same diet but… Could you give me advice, please; I am a little bit worried. Many thanks.

Hi Kyle,

First you don’t say how old you are, how long you have been cycling and how much cycling you have been doing, so I will try to cover all this too.

As you get older your body takes longer to recover, if you are over 40 years old then you can not ride the way you did when you were 18, well you can, but maybe only 2 or 3 hard days a week and rest the other days. If you are new to cycling and you have been doing too much to soon then your body also has not had time to recover, or to get used to the extra work load you are putting on it. If you are doing too much then you body will be tired and will need a rest, if you have been trying to combine long rides with interval training then you will get run-down.

If your body is tired that’s when you catch colds and any virus that are around and so you must be very careful to not train if you are ill. It maybe that you are low in vitamins or minerals, if you can get a blood test for this then you will know what to take, a multi-vitamin can help, but is not specific.

Do you have regular massage? If not find a good sports masseur and try that, the massage will revitalize your muscles and give you good feeling about your body and if the masseur is also a chiropractor or osteopath then they can look at you body for any other problems.

So, the first thing to do is take a rest, don’t ride for a few days and get a good multi-vitamin, then see how you feel. If you are still the same go to your doctor and tell him how you feel and get a blood test for anything that could be affecting you, ask for a check-up as there maybe an underlying problem that you are unaware of. If the doctor is not helpful then find a cycling coach who can look at your training and the way you live and can help with any changes. Find out if there is a sports doctor in your area, he can help in many ways, from medical to your training etc.

Lastly you live in Spain, it has been very hot this summer, could it be this? Or an allergy due to something in the air at this time of year? Rest, drink lots of water and take your vitamins and mineral supplements and then take it from there.

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