The Scott CR1 SL CD Road Bike


Our regular readers will have realised that we love carbon, so when we got the chance to have a close look at the Scott CR1 SL with the compact chain set we jumped at it!

Scott have based three bike s on the CR1 frame, the Pro, the Team and the bike will be looking at, the SL CD, all use the same frame but with a different mix of components, we will run through the frame, then do a break down on the pro’s and con’s of the compact drive chain set.

The CR1 Frame and Forks

Full carbon, that’s the stuff of top frames and this, is also one of the lightest, but lets start with the geometry, there are seven different sizes, starting at the smallest which is XXS and measures in at 47 cm’s, this measurement is from the middle of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube including the short extension, in reality the frame measures 41 cm’s to the centre of the top tube.CR1 top tube

With a top tube of 50.5 cm’s this is a perfectly proportioned set up. The larger frames are proportionally sized with corresponding top tube lengths, the largest being a XXL at 61 cm’s with a top tube of 59.5 cm’s, these measurements correspond with general thinking on the subject of compact frame design.


Our verdict is that these dimensions will give perfect handling in any conditions, in other words its built to ride.

CR1 Seat

The carbon frame is beautifully finished, you can see that carbon weave and has a silver finish to the top tube, the transfers are subtle and not over the top.
The cable guides are strong and in the right place, looks are not everything but here we have beauty and functionality in one package. The solid back end between the seat stays looks a little clumsy at first, but then its not you who will be looking at it, it will be your competitors behind you!

The forks again look large in diameter, but again this gives excellent strength and is aerodynamic to cut into the air more easily. The frame weighs in at 1.93 lbs, which is defiantly on the anorexic side. So we have strength, lightness, perfect proportions and beauty, which cover all the bases for me.

The Equipment

Shimano Dura-Ace 20 speed with the compact chain set is used for the all important equipment, what can I say about the top Shimano group set that has not been said before? Not much, as at this level you cant go wrong with the top kit, everything works as it is meant to, Pro teams would not be using it if it weren’t good.

If you have read our other reviews we tend to lean towards Campagnolo, we like the look of the black carbon, specially on a carbon bike, but when you are paying this much money you can expect the best and this works as well as the Record Campagnolo, it feels different, but changes perfectly, so no problems there.

Ritchey bars

Handlebars, stem and seat pin re all from Ritchey, the bars have an oversize centre section and the stem has a four bolt clamp system for lots of security, the best piece of kit has to be the seat pin, strong and most importantly its easy to adjust.

Many seat pins are so fiddly, the Ritchey Pro Carbon has two bolts either side of the saddle rails and is a dream to adjust to the correct fore and aft and angle.

The Richey Pro integrated headset is smooth and also easily adjusted. The saddle that came with the bike was a Selle Italia C2 B, which is a good saddle but we had to change it for reasons of personal choice.

Ritchey seat pin

The Wheels

CR1 fork

Mavic have making hubs and rims for years, now there wheel sets are among some of the best available. The Ksyrium Elite’s are made with semi aero alloy rims and alloy hubs; the spokes are 18 on the front and 20 at the back, making for lightness, strength and comfort. The wheels are shod with Continental Grand Prix 4000, which are good for most roads.

The Compact Dive System

If you live in a hilly area then you may have been considering getting a triple chain set, well don’t, after riding this bike with the compact chain set we think this the way forward, the future in fact.

With the 50 x 34 chain rings married to the 12 to 25 cassette you can climb anything and with the 50-tooth chain ring and the 12 sprocket that gear is big enough, unless you are racing that is!

The gears selection will cover any eventualities, with a triple there are a lot of gears you don’t need and the chain angle is never good, with an normal chain set of 53/39 there are gaps in gear ratios and there is quite a big jump between chain wheels, so the compact is a winner, for sure.

CR1 front

In Conclusion

Basically we loved this bike, it has everything you need, class, beauty, performance and functionality, climbing and descending is a dream and the performance on the flat leaves nothing wanting.

Some bike, especially light ones, jump around a bit in a sprint, but with the Scott the back wheel sticks to the road perfectly, holding its line even out of the saddle at full throttle.

All the equipment is top of the line stuff and we could only fault the saddle, but then that was a personal thing, all the Ritchey components are well matched with the bike, the bars are anatomically shaped and you either like them or not.
Your only problem is which pedals would you chose, as it doesn’t come with any.

P.S. You don’t need to buy the compact version as there is also the CR1 Team and CR1 Pro, with double, triple and compact chain sets and with Shimano 105 or Ultegra options.

More Scott products I have:

Scott Fuga helmet

If you have one of these and want it to appear here, just email me the photos and info. You can use the comment box below!

Sequence Pictures Of My Scott CR1

CR1 bike

it all started here – summer 2007

October 2007

December 09

January 2011

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  1. Stephen Thomas

    Had one of these for over a year now, very similar spec. except SRAM Rival compact grouppo. Lives up to the review totally, as a fifty-miler reminded me just this morning. Hard to beat by much at any price, even better if you can get a good deal on one of the standard bike packages at the right time of year. There will be no excuse for you on this bike, as mates will remind you!

    • Samuel

      Completely agree with your comment, all my mates remain saying that this is a wonderful bike, but it’s not just how it looks but how it rides, amazing!

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