The Calfee Dragonfly


James Correia has seen the Dragonfly from Calfee and wants to know what we think. We know that Calfee do a great job of repairing broken and damaged carbon frames, but we have never been asked about the frames, so here is what we think about the Dragonfly

Question: What do you think of Calfee’s Dragonfly frame? It will only be used as a road bike with campy equipment?

Hi James,

We don’t hear too much about Calfee frames, but let me say the Dragonfly looks like it could build in to a good looking bike, especially with Campagnolo kit.

The Dragonfly is the top frame from Calfee, it weighs around two pounds and uses lots of carbon in the tubing giving it a high stiffness to weight ratio. The tubes are connected by a lug system; the lugs are moulded and are shaped to for lightness and strength. The drop outs are also cut down to the minimum, weight saving and strength again.

The frame has an orthodox look to it, no sloping top tube, no funny shaped or oversize tubes, just a good looking, workman like frame. I only have one criticism and that the head set is visible, most frames now have a hidden-set, well apart from Colnago, but he is about the only one in Europe! A Hidden-set is not so difficult and gives the frame a clean finish.

Calfee Dragonfly

Nice frame, perhaps a bit old fashioned or you could call it “Retro”.

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