Specialized or Trek? Which to Choose?


Bruce Maly has one of the nicest problems a bike rider could have, that’s choosing a new bike, he cant choose which bike to buy. He’s narrowed it down to either the Specialized Alez Elite or the Trek 1500. We give him our thoughts

Question: Hi, I am about to buy my first road bike in order to compete in triathlons. I have narrowed my choices down to 2 bikes – a 2006 Trek 1500 with Shimano 105 components or a 2006 Specialized Allez Elite with 105 components. Each bike is a 27 speed.

The Trek is $899 and the Specialized is $999. The bikes seem very similar and all components seem to compare – do you have any advice on the brands or anything that may separate Specialized from Trek? I am trying to determine if there is any reason I should spend an additional $100 for the Specialized.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Bruce,
Nice problem you have there, choosing your new bike, we have had a good look at the Specialized Alez Elite and the Trek 1500, now we could only find the specifications for the 2007 bikes, so we can only base our review on that.


The equipment is very similar, as you say, but on closer look, not all the Shimano is 105 on the Specialized it is the lower grade Tiagra and the chain set is Sugino, there is nothing wrong with these, but the Trek does have all 105. Also the wheels look to be slightly higher quality being Bontrager with their twin spoke combination. The other equipment, bars, stem seat pin and saddle are all very similar with nothing much to choose between them.


The frames are both very good, but we think the Specialized has the edge here. Both are Alloy and both have carbon forks, where the Specialized takes it is that it has carbon seat stays and Zertz inserts to dampen any bad road surfaces, where as the Trek is all Alloy main tubes and back end. The Specialized has also a compact design and looks more racy and a more modern style

Taking everything into consideration we would buy the Specialized, the equipment may be better on the Trek, but the Specialized has a better frame, which you want to last a lot longer than the components as you will probably replace them. If your frame is good then you have a perfect base to build on as you find out more about the kind of cycling you will be doing. It does look like Specialized have saved money on the components so that the frame would be better quality. This is our choice in the end its up to you.


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  1. matt


    I was wondering what your final choice was. I am looking at these two bikes as a gift for my wife for Christmas.

  2. Mimi

    Hello, I want to get into cycling and about to buy my first bike as an adult. After visiting a few bike shops and mentioning my interest we narrowed it down to a fitness bike. I am currently looking at the following entry level bikes. Specialized Vita and Trek 7.2 FX Since I have never owned a name brand bicycle before I am nervous about making my final choice. which one is the best deal for the money? I also undersatnd that the Vita is a women’s bicycle while the FX is a unisex bicycle. as a first timer, does that make a big difference?

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