Shimano TR50 Triathlon Road Shoes


We are getting keen on Triathlon here at Bike Cycling Reviews and one of the most important pieces of equipment is your foot ware. Obviously you need a very good pair of running shoes for the last section of the Triathlon, but your cycling shoes can make all the difference to your performance in many different ways. We review the Shimano TR50 shoes and explain what to look for in Triathlon specific cycling shoes

The rules for buying Triathlon cycling shoes is the same as normal cycling shoes, except you need to consider the transition stages of the Triathlon, you need to be able to get in and out of the shoes quickly and securely. It’s no good being able to get your shoes on in a hurry if then you have to waste valuable time adjusting and then readjusting later.

What to Look for in a Cycling Shoe?

We will go through what a Triathlete needs from his cycling shoes next, but first let’s see what everyone wants from their cycling shoes. Most important is a solid sole, if you haven’t got lots of money then a solid plastic sole will be good enough, save your money and you can get a carbon sole, it’s stronger and more rigid. Rigidity in the sole means there is no loss of power between your foot and the pedal, so there is no waste of your effort.

Top & Carbon Sole

You need good fitting at the heel and toe and a snug fitting around your foot. Padding around the ankle is very important for comfort and to hold the shoe securely to your foot, you don’t want any movement of your foot inside the shoe; this loses efficiency and can cause friction between the foot and the shoe which will give you hot feet.

Heel Loop

And for Triathletes?

As well as all the above reasons a Triathlete needs some special extra facets to their shoes. The transition faze of a Triathlon is very important; you could win or lose a race on how fast you can get changed. An easy to use fastening system is a must, normal road shoes have three fastenings on the top of the foot to hold them secure, with Tri shoes you also need security, but you also to be able to get your foot in and the strap fastened quickly. Then when you change to the running you need to be able to get out of them fast.

The Shimano TR50 Triathlon Shoes

The Shimano TR50’s are specific Triathlon shoes, the difference between these and a normal cycling shoes is the fastening, one big strap goes over the top of the shoe with Velcro to hold it all safe. It’s quick and secure which is what you need. On the back of the shoe there is a loop to pull the shoe on after your swim; these shoes are made for that quick transition.

The BIG Strap

What Else is Special?

The Shimano TR50 are made with a hollow channel carbon fiber sole which are super light and exceptionally stiff for top power transfer to the bike. The sole is Look/Time cleat compatible and obviously Shimano SPD-SL cleats can be fitted also. The sole is the same as the RS 215, so these are Pro-Level competition cycling shoes. The uppers have lots of ports and vents to keep your feet cool and the material allows greater airflow for added ventilation. The TR50 can be worn without socks as the upper is made from a seamless material for maximum comfort, the material is also quick drying so that you wont be riding with wet feet after your swim.


The Other Attributes

Starting from the front, the toe section is boxy for added room so your toes have space to move and breath, it also has air vents and protection for the toes, the ventilation carries on up across the top of the shoe. The sides are well ventilated too, but also with strengthening material to hold your foot tight with out any unwanted movement. The heel cup is made for comfort and holds the foot in place so there is no discomfort; also at the heel is the quick pull on and off loop. The best thing about these Tri shoes has to be the strap, its BIG and it hold your foot really well and it lets out so you can get your foot in and out very quickly, nothing better.

Ready to Go

The special features include the big strap, if you look the strap come across the foot and fasten on the inside, which is easier to tighten on the move after your transition from your swim. The loops on the heel help to pull the shoes on, but also you can use elastic bands to secure the shoes to the bike for quick foot insert.

Toe & Heel

What Does the Style Monkey Think?

OK these shoes work well, hold your foot tight and have a solid carbon sole, but what about the look and the style? Silver and blue is a good combination, these shoes get the Monkey vote of confidence. You can’t beat carbon and the sole on these shoes is a perfect example of carbon weave with a gloss finish, top class style.

Easy Fit

Marks Out of 10-9.75, Lots of Carbon

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