Shaft Drive-Hub Bikes vs Chain-Sprocket-Derailleur Bikes



Question: I have seen a modern shaft-driven, chainless bicycle on line and it seems to make a lot of sense. It seems to make most sense for townies and commuters that want to ride without protecting their pant legs or for mountain bike riders and cops who ride on rough terrain and cannot afford to have the chain slip off. What are your thoughts?

Hey BikeCyclingReviews follower, The problem with Shaft-Driven bikes has always been the weight of the shaft and the gearing at both ends, for the shaft to be strong enough to handle all the torque that the rider puts into his pedaling it has to be very strong, so it would usually have to be made of quite thick metal. You are also limited to the amount of gears, as they have to use a hub gear which, at the moment, limits the gears to eight.

Looking at the information form one of the shaft driven bike companies, they list the differences as with a shaft drive you get fast and seamless gear changes as opposed to delayed and inconsistent changes from the chain drive. Maintenance is low for the shaft drive, but its high maintenance with the chain. Higher ground clearance with the shaft drive and easy handling and transport as there is no oil and grease. Efficiency, they claim, is also much higher, depending on how well the chain system has been looked after.

Dynamic “Crosstown 7” Shaft-Drive Bicycle 2

The chain and derailleur gives you the weight saving and the option of up to 30 gears. OK, so you can catch your trousers in the chain, the chain can come off, the chain can jump off the sprockets, the chain is oily and needs maintaining, but you need to add up the pro’s and con’s to see if you would make a big jump to change to a shaft-driven bike.

Dynamic “Crosstown 7” Shaft-Drive Bicycle

On paper the shaft-drive system looks great, but personally I wouldn’t do it. Maybe for commuting in areas of bad weather then it would be great, but I would prefer to have more gears and the lighter weight. There you have it, make your choice?

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Review: Dynamic “Crosstown 7″ Shaft-Drive Bicycle

Shaft Drive-Hub Bikes vs Chain-Sprocket-Derailleur Bikes

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  1. Michael

    When accelerating and decelerating, does the bicycle drive shaft system give the up and down rotation al torque feeling that is so prevalent on a shaft drive motorcycle?

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