How does SRAM Compare to Campagnolo?


Marshall has written to us wanting a comparison between the SRAM Red and Force group sets and the Record and Force groups from Campagnolo. We have tested all of these groups in the past, so it’s not too difficult a proposition

Question: Hey Samuel,
Thanks for all the ongoing info. How do the SRAM Red and Force groups compare with Campy Record and Chorus?


Hey Marshall,

There are some differences and some similarities between these group sets. The SRAM Red and the Campagnolo Record are very similar, carbon cranks and lots of light weight parts to the components and both are 10 speed, as are all top group sets.

Record Shifters

Red and Record

The difference, as you probably know, is in how the gear changes, the SRAM has their Double Tap system, which once you get used to works very well. I would say the Red and the Record are very similar in weight, functionality and build quality. The only problem that we have heard of is the availability of different gear ratios for the SRAM, but this will get better with time. The brakes have a strange look but work well and the SRAM Red rear derailleur has one of the strongest springs you can get.


Force and Chorus

Again these both work on different systems, the Double Tap for the Red and the usual Campagnolo two lever gear change systems. The Chorus group just shades it over the Force, but only on style. They both work perfectly; it’s just that we prefer the look of the Campagnolo Chorus, especially the carbon cranks as they are a great weight and at a wonderful price in comparison with many other carbon crank sets. The Force group set also has bits of carbon, but it has a chunky look, we prefer the Chorus.

Campag F & R Mechs

Our Conclusions

I guess Campagnonlo gets the vote, but only on a style and fashion basis. The SRAM is catching on as there are quite a few Pro teams now using it. So it’s catching up fast to the Italian manufacturer, its all Euro kit, but Campagnolo has nearly 100 years of history behind it and that stylish Italian look. So based on function we have difficulty splitting any of them, we can only come down on history and style and the Campagnolo groups win, but only just. If you are asking us to decide on quality and how they work, then we would be struggling as both are made to the top standards. Maybe choose on price and style. Sorry we can’t come right out and say one over the other, but all are great.

SRAM Lever

Chorus Chainset

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