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Last year I tried the Ozone Depil Mousse (Hair Remover) and although it worked I had some reservations as to the workings of the cream.

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Since then I have received some advice on the Depil Mousse from Matteo Sartore who works for Ozone and he has nicely sent a tube of Chamois Protect Cream and Warming Oil for us to try. Find out how second time round the Depil Mousse worked better and what we thought of the Protect Cream and the Warming Oil.

ozone4.JPGMassage is a very important part of preparation for effort and having smooth legs is a necessity for good massage. Comfort in the saddle is of utmost importance; here we go through our experiences with Ozone’s Body Care products.

The Depil Mousse Revisited

Matteo gave me some really useful advice, first I thought the Mousse had a bad smell, but as Matteo pointed out it does have a slight Ozone scent because the Ozone is not odorless, and if you want it to be real effective you must have Ozone, also I used it in a confined space which is also not advisable. Also I left the Mousse on too long which caused the warm feelings I had, so basically follow the instructions, not like what I did!

So to the second shot at the Depil Mousse, this time I followed the instructions and only left it on for the advised time and no longer, the smell isn’t so bad and I didn’t get any burning of the skin, most importantly the hairs where gone, much easier and quicker than wet or electric shaving. The smoothness is wonderful for massage and the look is great and I have learnt two lesson, how to get perfectly smooth legs and to read the instructions first.

The Warming Oil for Before Activity

Warming Oil

If you are racing or going to be training hard you need to prepare the muscles for the coming efforts, the warming oil helps that preparation for physical activity by increasing blood circulation and oxygenizes the muscle thanks to the presence of Ozonides. When used as a massage oil before a race it can be rubbed well into the skin giving a warm feeling without a burning sensation and leaving a nice shine to the legs.

Here are some tips on self massage. When massaging the legs you should start with the thighs, sit with the leg muscles relaxed with your feet on the ground. Start with the muscles on the front of the thighs, skimming the skin to spread the oil over the muscles. This should be done from the upper part of the knee in the direction towards the groin, for ten cycles, in total 15 to 20 seconds. Then a rubbing movement with open hands rising towards the groin, repeating for 6 to 8 cycles. Then use a light beating movement, this tones the muscles, again towards the groin. The action will be fast and when you almost get to the groin go back to the top of the knee and repeat everything, every cycle will last about 6 to 8 seconds, repeating for 8 to 10 cycles. Then do the same to the muscles under the thigh.

Then the calf’s, in a sitting position again, start with the light skimming continuing with a rubbing for 4 to 6 cycles, finishing with a faster, light beating action. Since the muscles are smaller than the thigh muscles use only the fingers, starting from the ankles and rising to the knee, 8 to 10 cycles per phase lasting 5 to 6 seconds.

If you want to learn more, get your hands on Ozone’s Sports Massage Manual.

The Chamois Protect Cream

Here at Bike Cycling Reviews we have tried a few other chamois protectors and we have liked them all, they all do what they should, but in different ways. The Ozone-Elite Protection Cream feels very comfortable and rubs into the skin and gives protection on the longest days ride without any discomfort in the saddle area, you don’t need much as it seems to spread and a tube of the Protection Cream will last quite a long time. The Ozonides has an anti-bacterial effect which helps the recovery process of the skin avoiding any painful problems, also useful for after riding to soothe that area of any chaffing, reddening or soreness.

Protect Cream

The Ozone-Elite Body Care Products

As well as these three products, Ozone also manufacture ThermoGel Forte for cold and wet conditions, Energy Oil for energizing and oxygenating the muscles, Refresh Oil and Tone Cream for after effort relaxation. For the other parts of the body they produce No sweat for Feet, which speaks for itself, Feet Relaxing Gel containing natural menthol and mint, and for very cold conditions; the Toe warmer Heat Mate and the Hand warmer Heat Mate, to heat the extremities. Then for in the shower there is the EnerGel Shower Body & Hair for washing and refreshing the body.

What Do We Think?

Trying the Depil Mousse again was the best thing I could have done as this time round it worked perfectly, giving a perfectly smooth leg with out any discomfort, the Chamois Protection Cream must be good as you forget you are using it, so it must be working well. The Warming Oil invigorates the muscles without irritating them and prepares the legs for the coming effort whilst protecting them from the elements. Based on the three products we have had the pleasure to review we are sure the others are well worth using.

Our Marks out of 10; 9, Top Care for the Body

Complete Body Care

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  1. Denise

    wanted a fairly inexpensive, comfortable, bike for trails and through town riding. (maybe some rough roads) I would also like a bike with wider tires. I was looking at a few. please let me know what you would recommend. they are all ’09. Trek Woman’s 820, Giant Woman’s Sedona STW, Raleigh Woman’s Venture, Giant Woman’s Cypress STW, Raleigh Eva 2.0. I also wanted to know if they had removable wheels for easy transport.Thank youDenise

  2. Mr Hassan

    Dear SirOzone oil is very smelly. I cannot stand the strong smell. Can we add any ingrediant to remove the smell.THQHassan

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