Mountain Bike Shoes You Can Walk In


Bill Nichols wants to be able to do some walking when he is out on a mountain bike ride. Most of the MTB shoes that are available should be comfortable enough to walk in as they are made for those times when it’s impossible to ride and let’s face it, it can happen!

Question: Can you advise me on a good mountain bike shoe that is also comfortable to walk on as well?

Hi Bill,
Most mountain bike shoes are comfortable enough to walk in, but we can look at a few that we like and we hope will suit what you want to do. The think you have to remember is that you need different thinks from shoes for cycling and for walking. Cycling shoes need to be rigid to transfer all your effort into the pedals, then for walking you need some suppleness and comfort.

There are some very good Skate style shoes; these are a little like baseball shoes, but with the advantage of having SPD fittings on the sole. These are great if you are only doing on-road walking and are definitely not for tramping trough muddy fields or boulder paths. The 661 Filter SPD shoes are very stylish and are as good for casual wear as they are for cycling, but they are not for cross country use.

661 Filter

There is also the trainer style shoe and the one we like is the Minrett from Adidas, they are stiff for pedal power and flexible enough for walking and they are compatible with SPD clip less pedals. Also from Adidas is the El Moro shoe, they are very versatile thanks to the EVA sole, which are very comfortable for walking and stiff enough for cycling.

Adidas Minrett

Then there is the full off-road race shoe, these have a more solid sole with studs for grip in bad conditions. Of this kind of shoe we like the look of the Answer Palisade MTB shoes. They are not expensive and are a performance mountain bike shoe. They have three straps to hold your foot secure and a lateral heel strap to stop your heel slipping or moving around causing blisters when cycling or hiking. The sole is made from real rubber and have lots of grip.

Answer Palisade

Those are the three kinds of shoes available; you have to decide what kind of walking and cycling you are going to, and then choose the shoes that best suit your purpose. Does this help?

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  1. Jim Swift

    In all the recommendations and comments concerning ‘what clothing’ you ought to mention the German store groups Aldi and Lidl. Where they exist in your area you can do no better that keep an eye out for their cycling days (too infrequent I have to admit). Their clothing (shoes as well) are to an exceptional quality if you don’t mind simple designs and the prices represent supreme value for money, in fact most of my cycle clothing is bought this way as I can afford to stock up every year with new kit.

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