Loose Spokes on Mavic Kysrium Wheels


Our reader Gareth has problems with his Mavic Ksyrium rear wheel, the spokes keep coming loose and he has to get it checked after every ride. There are a few possible reasons and one drastic solution

Can you please help. I have a set of Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels on my Specialized Tarmac S-Works bike. The problem is that the back wheel will not stay tune and I have to get it checked after every ride. I do not race but ride with the club 3 to 4 times a week and this is a bit of a pain trying to keep this wheel right. I will look forward to your responds. Thank you.

Hi Gareth, Your Specialized Tarmac S-Works is one nice bike, shame about the wheels though. The problem with your wheel could be a few things and you need to check them out.

First, are the spokes tight enough? This is a bit difficult for you to tell, but if you are having them checked every time you go out, then you would expect your shop to make sure that they are. If the spokes are not tight enough every time you go over a bump or rough ground the loose spokes can rattle and loosen the spokes I the nipples and then get loose and the wheel goes out of true.

Secondly, check the hubs for any wear where the spokes sit, if there is wear or damage at the spoke end at the hub then there will be movement and the spoke can come loose.

Thirdly, check the rim for any cracks or wear, especially around the spoke holes. Feel the side of the rims for wear; it might feel thinner where it is worn. Look for cracks in the rim around the spoke holes, if there is any damage then this means the rim is worn and soft which will make it flex and that makes the spokes go loose.

The answers, if the hub is damaged then you will probably have to replace the wheel, as old rims never rebuild well. If the rim is worn then replace the rim, this isn’t very difficult for your bike shop to do.

If there is no damage to either rim or hub, then I suggest when you next have the wheels checked and re-trued, get the shop, or you could do it yourself, to put Torkseal or another make of thread lock o the threads of the spokes, this should stop any loosening of the spokes in the nipples. I hope this all helps.

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