Look KEO or Shimano Dura-Ace Pedals? Which Do you Think We Liked the Best?


Look KEO or Shimano Dura-Ace

Look KéO Blade 2 CR or himano SPD-SL Carbon Pedals? You cant make up your mind which to buy, so we have had a look at both of them and made a comparison. Which do you think we liked the best?

Question: I’m in the market for new pedals I would like to know more information on these two pedals 1. KEO Carbon 2. Shamano Dura Ace SPD-7810’s any pro’s /con’s .

That’s a difficult one, they both are top class pedals, both light and both have the performance that professional riders want and pros use both of theses pedals, so let’s sum up the differences or even the similarities.

LOOK Keo Carbon Pedals

Look invented the clipless pedal a long time ago and Bernard Hinault made them famous by winning the Tour de France with them and now everyone uses a clipless pedal of some make or other.

The Keo is the newest design from the French company, it is thin and is made with injection moulded carbon and has a chromoly spindle, unless you go for the titanium axled version.

The pedals are low for better cornering clearance and the new Keo cleat wears less than the old version and are slightly easier to get in and out; the spring tension is stronger than the basic model for better holding in competition use.

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Look KéO Blade 2 CR

image credit James Huang / Future Publishing

Shimano Dura-Ace Pedals

The Shimano Dura-Ace Pedals are made of very light alloy and offers a wide platform for maximum shoe contact; it also has wide bearing positioning and a low profile for good road clearance. Easy access and with fixed or 3 degree float plates that are easy to walk on. Three bearings make for smooth pedaling and the body is hard wearing.

Shimano SPD-SL Carbon Pedal

Shimano SPD-SL Carbon Pedal

So….Which is the Best?

That is a really difficult question as they are both the best you can buy, both have three bearings and a large shoe support, but the Shimano pedals are a little cheaper and if you are using Shimano equipment , I would stay with the Shimano pedals.

Otherwise if you are riding Euro kit, Campagnolo or SRAM, then you have to go with European Look pedals. I had heard that Look had some teething problems when they were first out, but I think they sorted all that and I’ve not heard anything lately.

The Shimano I would say would be stronger being made of alloy and steel and less likely to get scuffed up in an accident. It’s a very close run thing and the Shimano shades it, but not if you are riding Campagnolo.

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  1. mark

    I think the Durace is better in respect to servicablity. if the cartridge bearing goes bad on the look, the pedal is done. the durace uses cup and cone.

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