Here’s How You Should Start Using Clip-less Pedals


Nicholas has got a pair of cycling shoes with cleats and is a bit worried about using them and needs to get more confident. We have a suggestion how to get used to having your feet connected to the pedals, if you are in the same predicament, then give this trick a go.

Question: I am 15 years old. I would like to try to have cleats shoe I’ve got a pair that I use for turbo training . But do you suggest any way in which I can get more confident to use them on the roads. Thanks.

Answer: It can be a bit frightening the first times you go out riding with your shoes clipped to your pedals, that feeling of not being able to get your foot out when you stop is terrible.

If you have had some practice on your turbo trainer then you know how they work and how much you need to twist your foot to get out, the difference is that you have to be able to get it out in time when you stop, like at traffic lights etc.

This is what we suggest you should do, this trick has been used by many people in the past and also before clip-less pedals were invented, when you had clips and straps and had to be able to loosen the strap before you could get your foot out, now that was frightening, but you are too young to remember those things!

  1. Decide which foot you are more comfortable to un-clip when you stop, then wear a trainer on this foot and your proper cycling shoe on the other. This will get you used to having one foot held fast on the pedal and this leaves your other foot free to be put down at any time.
  2. When you have got used to this, wear both shoes and ride somewhere where there is not going to be much traffic and you can practice stopping and starting safely.

Good luck, we have all been there at one time, just go for it!

Image Credit By: Kevin Teague

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