Carbon Bicycle Frames, Good or Bad?

Carbon Bicycle Frames Good or BadJoan has asked us about carbon fibre frames, the drawbacks, the problems and any negative points about the black magic tubes!

Question: What are the negatives of a carbon fibre bike frame? Scratches? Weight limits?Hi Joan, This is a nice topical question, if you look at the Pro peloton at the moment most riders are on a carbon fibre frame, there are still one or two on alloy, but, I bet they have carbon fibre forks and probably carbon fibre rear chain stays and seat stays.OK so you want to know the problems with Carbon Fibre, right first if you fall off and damage the frame, you will probably have to throw it away as it is more than likely impossibly to fix.
If the carbon is damaged that’s it, if one of the wheel ends or the gear hanger is bent they might be able to be straightened, but otherwise forget it.Scratches don’t seem to be a problem, but I have not put it to the test on my frame, I don’t think there are any weight limits, not as with some alloy frames they have a 70 or 80 Kg.
All this said I wouldn’t ride anything else, Carbon is King!


  1. says

    1. Ugly;
    2. “Shock-the-Conscience” expensive; and
    3. Thief-magnet…
    Nope, it’s “old-school”, vintage “Super Vitus” Steel, for me!

  2. trevor silvera says

    Presently i am using a top end carbon frame. Riding quality is good, stiff and responsive, light weight.
    Problem is the water bottle cage where it is bolted to the frame, one of threaded hole stripped leaving a gaping hole in the down tube. The finish coating is starting to strip off the frame, showing the dull underneath color. Stem and handle bars the same. Pretty soon the frame will look unattractive. Think i will get a aluminum alloy frame next.

    • Mike Duffey says

      A High End Company should and will replace your frame..You will not like aluminum at all after riding are better off to get a hi quality steel frame or Titanium

  3. Steve Lum says

    I’m going to have to disagree with the whole carbon is king theory, a quality Titanium frame built by say Spectrum or Seven or a handful of other great builders will far outlast any carbon frame and it’s components for that matter. Ti frames can be built to handle with the same stiffnest but with that magically liveliness that that Ti produces and many quality Ti bikes are sub 15lb bikes with a proper set of butted tubes. Carbons great for pros who get a new bike every year, for some of us Plastic is Plastic, just my opinion.
    and has a tendency to have stress fractures sometimes unnoticeable to the eye until that fails.