How to Properly Adjust Road Bicycle Brake Pads


On this great instructional video, we are going to show you how to set the pads for a better braking power. You’ll learn to adjust the brake pad for a full performance.

Adjusting the brake blocks

Just as we said at the adjusting brakes article “With some brakes you can just replace the brake pad and leave the shoe in place, on a mountain bike if you do this, make sure the shoe is adjusted properly so that the pad presses flatly against the rim, blocks can “toe in” a little, this means the front of the block will touch the rim first, this makes for squeak free and progressive braking.”

The only tool you need is a 5mm Allen key; Sometimes, and just in older bikes, you may need 8 or 10mm nut.  First, unscrew the old brake pads, and throw them away.

Then put the new ones to the brake bridge. (You’ll notice that this task a a lot easier on road bikes).  Make sure that pads don’t touch the tire and they are parallel on the wheel rim.

It’s the same with a mountain bike, but they are more adjustable, you have to place the washers on the bolt so that the pad is level with the rim and not touching the tire.

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  1. george

    Once I get the pads on, I squeeze the lever to touch the pad to the rim, then adjust and tighten. This lines the pad up first time every time

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