The Bio-Racer Cycling Patch, ReSkin


There isn’t much new in the world of cycling and when something pops-up it has to be something really special or very different to get me excited. Bio-Racer, the makers of some of the best cycling clothing, have come up an innovation that is (nearly) beyond explanation, this is a product that I will not be posing for photographs for the web-site wearing!

So, What’s Reskin BioRacer About?

When I read that there was a patch for cycling I thought what a good idea, it must be like a nicotine patch to help cyclist get through the winter months of darkness and cold weather and less bike, a patch to help with the dependency on the two wheeled monkey on our backs.

But no its not this, Bio-Racer have come up with the ReSkin patches, they are two material patches that you stick to the inner-thigh/ buttock area to protect said areas from irritation and friction, if you’ve ever come home after a long ride with a pain in the arse, you’ll know what I’m talking about!


What Are They Made Of?

ReSkins are made of a breathable Bi-Elastic material that is treated with a coating and protects the cyclist from friction between the skin, the cycling shorts and the saddle the patches are like a second skin. This gives optimal comfort in the saddle and also keeps those areas clean and more hygienic, which will help you, enjoy your bike riding for longer periods of time.

Do They Feel Comfortable?

I thought they might feel bulky between the legs, but you don’t really know they are there and after a while you just forget you have them on, except you don’t feel any aggravation on your bottom, they are very comfortable. At the end of a long ride, I didn’t feel any of the usual warmth or burning sensation in the sit zone and that area felt fresh, unlike the rest of me!

The big worry for me was if these are anything like sticking plasters its not going to be much fun getting them off, no problem they came off with out any tears or loss of hairs from the delicate region. ReSkins will soon be available, so if you want protection for the other end from your helmet, get your hands on some of them, as Bio-Racer say – you ride better with a healthy buttocks.

9/10, Cutting Edge Technology



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