3 Winter Training Tips


neil-cold-riding-e1325098090201Since I always found indoor to be the most boring training I could do, I’ve done a little bit of research on internet, trying to discover what others do.Photo credit by Neil Bezdek at bicycling.com

These tips can be a good complement reading for our latest winter clothing review, published last week. If you missed that one, here it is the link

It’s true that here where I live temperatures are not as extreme as other places. However, the combination of wet and cold weather is really bad. I’ve come across a lot of articles on the same subject. A good one is from CPTips, entitled Off Season Training, you can read it here.

This short article summarizes  the correct things to do from October through March… treadmills, stationary trainers, turbo trainers, spinning classes, etc.

Another short one was 7 Tips to Ride Through Winter by Eric Kenney at Active.com. In my opinion, it’s not been as deeper reading as the previous article from CPTips, but it’s a great one as well, especially for triathletes.

The third and last article I’ve just read was written by Neil Bezdek last year. But I have reached it again while doing a Google search. So it must be good tough, if Google says that. Click here to read Cycling in Cold Weather: How to Dress, Drink at bicycling.com

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