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14 Cool Things you Can Do with Old Inner Tubes



14-old-inner-tubesI’m sure you have an old used inner tube…. Have you ever wondered what you can do with it?

Then these are just 14 ideas will show you what others do with their inner bicycle tubes. There are a couple of them that use non-bicycle tubes, but I’ve also added these to the list because they look pretty interesting as well.

All these 14 ideas come from different websites and blogs. If you want to try them out please check the links compilation below …

Rubberized Mora Handle

Rubberized Mora Handle –

bike innertube wallet

bike innertube wallet –


Inner Tubes to Weave Chair –

Inner Tube Handbag

Inner Tube Handbag –


Recycled Inner-Tube Jewelry –


make your own stamps out of recycled inner tubes –

inner tube journal

Recycled Inner Tube Journal –


bike tube earrings –


Crafty Cable Management Using Everyday Household Items –

Bike Tube Bracelets

Bike Tube Bracelets –

Plant Ties from Inner Tubes

Plant Ties from Inner Tubes –


Recycled Inner Tube Belt –

BIC Classic Disposable Lighter

BIC Classic Disposable Lighter –

Bike Inner tube Shoe Patch Hack

Bike Inner tube Shoe Patch Hack –

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